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Edwin Lutyen

Compared to the architect of Connaught Place, Sir Rober Tor Russell, it is Sir Edwin Lutyens who is more popular today. The part of New Delhi we all love to drive through at night, and the geometrically complex roads that many tend to get lost within are the brainchild of Sir Edwin Lutyens. Known as one of the most influential architects and town planners of his time, Sir Lutyens was made responsible to design many iconic monuments during the British Raj. Lutyens invented his own new style of classical architecture, which has become known as the "Delhi Order". Unlike the more traditional British architects who came before him, he was both inspired by, and incorporated various features from the local and traditional Indian architecture-something most clearly seen in the great drum-mounted Buddhist dome of Viceroy's House, now RashtrapatiBhavan.Other buildings in Delhi that Lutyens designed include The India Gate, Baroda House, Bikaner House, Hyderabad House, and Patiala House.