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Cinemas of CP

Cinema has always been close to the heart of every Indian and it has been the case even before motion pictures came with sound, also know as "Talkies". Connaught Place has seen the evolution of cinema in India and has witnessed millions of viewers silently romancing the stars of the big screen, wide eyed and full of awe. With its first theatre in 1932, "Regal" which shared its stage with many prominent drama companies, Connaught Place became home to many of New Delhis most iconic and celebrated cinema halls.The next theatre to be built was the Plaza in 1940, designed by Sir Rober Tor Russell, the architect of Connaught Place itself. As Indian cinema began to spread its wings, talkies gradually evolved into single screen cinema halls in the 1940s. While halls like the Regal screened popular Hindi films, others like the Plaza and the Rivoli mainly showed Hollywood blockbusters. Thestructure in which you stand today, was built in 1945. Odeon had the city's second 70mm screen after the "Shiela Cinema" in Paharganj, it drew large crowds back and continues to do so, to date.The Odeon stood out as an exception to other theatres around C.P. as it, catered to both Indian and western audiences. It is amusing to note that back then, tickets prices typically ranged from 0.012 rupees to 1.25 rupees, depending on the seats and success of the film.