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Janpath Market

Running along JanpathMarg or the Peoples' Street, Janpath Market is a melange of exquisite handicrafts from every part of the country. A long line of boutique stores sellsartifacts and souvenirs,which cannot be found in the swanky malls of the city. While most stores across the city dupe unassuming tourists with fake Pashmina woolshawls, authentic scarves and merchandise can be found at some of the stores along this street. Apart from shawls and scarves, visitors are greeted with exquisite Indian perfumes or "Attar", brass ornaments, carpets and other collectables. The seasoned "Delhi-ite" will also take her book loving friend to the numerous shops that sell new and old books at a great bargain. Janpathalso housesa "Tibetan Market" where handicrafts from the Himalayan region that are highly influenced by Buddhist culture can be found. Musical instruments, wall hangings and bead shops are in abundance and create a magically immersive atmosphere. The time-crunched tourist is taken on a short trip through every state of the country as they get a snippet of different cultures and traditions from the vibrancy of their local art.