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Toy Stores of Connaught Place

India has a rich history of toys, games, and puzzles. Before the advent of organised toy stores, craftsmen would sell their handmade toys door-to-door. Nomadic tribes were a rave at the time, as they would bring toys, puzzles, and magical contraptions from faraway lands that enchanted children with their colour and craftsmanship. As Delhi developed, and trade strengthened, imported toys were more accessible than ever. Children didn't have to wait for their parents to travel overseas to get them a miniature train with wooden embellishments and metal wheels, or a dollhouse with the prettiest wallpaper. Dedicated toy stores such as Ram Chander and Sons brought the best toys from Europe, America and Japan. Parents and Grandparents would spoil their children over the weekends, with a drive to Connaught Place and allowed them to pick one toy. Ram Chanders' store was like a paradise, as children gleamed around the isles and all the shelves. At that point choosing between a pack of colourful glass marbles or a set of military figurines was the hardest decision of the week.Time moved on, and generation after generation brought their children to the Ram Chander and Sons, that has been mesmerizing children for over 120 years.