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Hearsch bakery is a remnant of a time when Bandra's hub of street couture, Hill Road, was renowned merely for its hospitals. Nearly a hundred years ago, Sophia Liberata Fernandes first heard of a German baker, who wished to lease out his bakery, rather urgently.

In the wake of the First World War, Britain's colonies, including India, were no longer safe for Germans. It was in the 1920s, under such trying circumstances that a bread man, J Hearsch, reluctantly decided to give up his small bakery, and head for the safer shores of Germany. Quite by chance, he met Sophia, who was keen to start a bakery in Bandra, after shutting down her shop in Colaba. Hearsch entrusted the passionate Sophia with his life's work, and fled to Germany, and obscurity.

Melvin D'Sa's father, a passionate baker, took over the operations of the Hearsch bakery in the 1960s with the blessings of the Fernandes family, who remain the lessee-cum-proprietors of Hearsch.