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With less than 10 days left, the spirit of Christmas has set in. Mumbai kars across the city are all heading to Bandra, which is known for the best Christmas buys.

Suja Joseph, a resident of Powai, had come looking for a crib collection that one of her neighbours had bought from a shop in Bandra last year. "It was the first time I had seen a crib with multiple light effects. I decided to have a similar one for Christmas. As she had bought it from this place, I decided to do my shopping from here as well," said Joseph.

Joseph isn't the only one to come to Bandra; those living farther than her too come here for their shopping. "The reason is the variety you get here, you rarely get it anywhere else. As this place is Christian-dominated, it ends up having a better collection. And the price difference is not much," said Carmel Paul, a resident of Kalyan, who had purchased stars, bells, and gift boxes from one of the temporary shops set up on Hill Road.

While there are stores that have a large number of decorative items, a whole set of temporary shops have also been set up, especially around this time.

"Stars, caps, soft toys, wreathes, bells, streamers, gift boxes, drums, stickers and Christmas trees, we have it all," said Tukaram Kamble, who has been setting up his shop near St Peter's Church for the past 15 years. At his shop, decorative products are sold between Rs. 20 and Rs. 2,500, with the most expensive being the Christmas trees.

Raave's Evergreen Christmas and Tree Decoration shop on Hill Road largely deals with trees.

"This year, we have tried to keep trees that are not readily available at other places. Some of the new ones are the France model, and the Needle Pine trees. These go well with the Christmas tree mats that are the new items," said Victor Pasan, manager of the Raave's shop, who sells trees for up to Rs10,000.