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It is an 85-year-old business in Mumbai, founded by a Goan immigrant, Joseph Carvalho. The headquarters and works are located in the Macbeth House on Clare Road, Byculla. Carvalho had purchased the property from a Jewish businessman in 1921.

The name was gained as a result of its speedy ("express") catering to American ships visiting Bombay Harbour.

The business has since passed into the hands of Joseph's son, Ross Carvalho, with his sons, Emil and Yvan Carvalho, recently taking over the day-to-day operations.

The business once ran several branches all over Bombay, but is presently restricted to two branches, one at Hill Road, Bandra, and another at AEB House on Clare Road in Byculla.

The business is the last remaining significant Goan-run business in Bombay.