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Firoz Shah Tughlaq’s Tomb
and Madrasa Complex

Built by Firoz Shah for himself, the tomb with it’s austere architecture is located at the intersection of an L shaped building, which is the Madrasa. The ceiling in the dome depicts a circular gold medallion with Quranic inscriptions and Naksh characters. Unlike other monuments in Delhi, the tomb has stone railings, showing a blend of Indian and Islamic architecture. The tomb is made of local quartzite, surface plaster and red sandstone.

Established in 1352, the Madrasa was one of the leading institutions of Islamic learning in the Delhi Sultanate and was considered the largest equipped Islamic seminary in the world. The City of Joy - Tarababad was situated near the Madrasa and was affluent in culture and wealth. This innovative L shaped structure ends in small mosque and was a medieval centre for learning, culture & music.